I knew this moment would come when I would blatantly hear someone say that people like me dont belong. 

I knew this as soon as I sent my acceptance letter in the mail to confirm that I would be attending this University. Frostburg is a small mining town that pretty much survives off of the revenue that the school makes. Yet, after the recent events, there is documented evidence that there are citizens and Alumni that believe there shouldnt be a certain group of people being accepted into this school. 

They claim that its not the same Frostburg anymore, they need to stop accepting inner-city student because they are bringing their problems up here. 

I cant even say that Im surprised, honestly. I knew this, my parents and other family members told me this. I am fully aware of the area that I go to school in. But seeing people actually say such ignorant, unsophisticated and distasteful things about my peers is incredibly disheartening. 

I am thoroughly disgusted that there are alumni of my University is saying that people like me dont belong here. AND THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO CLAIM ITS NOT A RACE ISSUE. REALLY NOW…

It is extremely unfortunate that 2 murders have taken place on this campus in 18 months. But you act as if there arent citizens in the region that havent acted in such heinous crimes. PLEASE. I wish nothing but a smooth and uplifting life for these families of the students who have parished while attending this school. I genuinely believe they were wonderful people and they deserved better.

Its so disheartening to see that the school and the community cant even come together to get through a tragic event like this. We dont need this. This is the negativity that fuels hatred and violence. STOP IT! Let us learn in peace.

I have had my moments where I dont like being here, but this is my school, and I chose to get my degree from Frostburg for a reason. No one has the right to tell me if people like me deserve to attend this University or not. Im here and I believe in Frostburg.

(Source: silentdeee)