// Shit I hate://

When people ask me what am I.

This question unfortunately always pisses me off. 

As in: what part of Africa my family is from

I sincerely wish I could tell you. But I dont know. My family has done copious amounts of research to get some general idea of where we are from. Theres family saying that part of the family is from the Caribbean, but that still tells us pretty much nothing. 

But as I was saying, when people ask me this, and I respond, its either really disrespectful, or just really awkward. Usually Ill respond by saying, “I’m American” or, “My parents are from America”. Then people will often just stare at me, laugh in my face, ask the question again like I’m dumb and didn’t understand what they just asked me, or be like “oh”.

I guess it doesnt help that my name is Dziko. People automatically assume. Then I get people clowning me about my name. Really? Ok. -__-

But dont get me wrong. I LOVE my name. Its MY name. Nothing else would really fit. But when it comes to things like trying to use my own name against me, you’re doing the most. 

The point is, I really wish there was a better way to answer this question. I wish even more that people would be more respectful about it. Im sorry that my ancestors were captured and their captors did everything in their power to make sure I couldnt connect directly to my origins. My bad, ya’ll

I know Im not the only person who goes through this. This is the type of shit that keeps black people disconnected because I shouldnt have to feel disrespected when someone asks me where Im from. I should be able answer the question and move on.

Honestly, I wish I could answer the question beyond “American”, but that’s not the reality of the situation. And you should respect that.

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