// All my favorites are 21 or about to turn 21 in a few weeks.//

Mean while, Im still 19.

I mean, damn. Im not a drinker, I mean technically its not legal for me to be anyway but dammmmn. 

I cant emm go out to a bar on the weekends to chill and pay for an over price class of wine or a shot of something nice with my girls. 

*le sigh* I saw this coming. and a good half of my friends were already 21/22 anyway but now its like everyone. =/

IDK, I guess I’ll just herp derp it up in my dorm room on the weekends.

Damn Im lame. I still live in dorms. Girl, you are a junior. It aint cute to pay for an over priced mouse trap! 

But junior year is still gonna be awesome. Dont let this post fool you.

-end irrelevant rant-

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// Happy Birthday to Me!//

…its my birthday.


Carry on. =)

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