I heard Beyonce’s song in Anguilla and I thought the same thing this lady puts so lovely. But when I told my sister this….she said I am “Beyonce hating”….I don’t understand why people stan for her so much to the point of not being able to realize the bull she does and critique, but heyyy…yo no sey.

I think a lot of people are going to say this girl is taking it to seriously. They will say that it’s just a catchy song that is suppose to be empowering or just something that women enjoy hearing. However, this girl is telling the truth. I won’t discount either side of the argument but let’s be honest … women don’t run the world. We have the potential to do it and MAYBE with time and change it will happen. But as of right now, it would be foolish to think that women run the world. I wouldn’t even say that they wives of some of the most powerful men in the world have enough influence to believe that their persuasion can build / change a nation. 


I agree and disagree with her at the same time. While I do agree that the female population around the world has been hugely marginalized since the dawn of time and that we got a long way to go, I dont think Beyonces song is doing that much harm as she states it. I dont see the harm in having a few female empowering songs floating around on the air waves especially since she did indeed point out the oppressing factors that females endure in every society. I mean, maybe Beyonce’s song is a little OC but I personally dont think her intention was to give this facade that girls run the world. Well, Idk but I dont feel that the songs intended purpose was to give women false hope but rather a catchy tune to put some pep in their step in a world that constantly oppresses them in more or less subtle ways. 

But I do feel that she made it clear that women do not indeed rule the world, and the fact of the matter is that being equal to our male counter parts is going to be a long and enduring journey ahead of us and what I really agree with her about is the fact that women make up about 50% of the country’s population and that womens issues is considered a special interest. It boggles my mind how women are considered to be this huge minority but the study of womens issues is considered a hobby. 

I dont completely agree with all her points but she definitely makes a lot of valid arguments. In my opinion anyway.