// Its Snowing…//

…In April.

The Frostburg life is too tough. 

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// Yo, fuck snow.//

Always and forever.

I didnt intend to come home for the weekend….to actually stay in the house.

I actually had plans! PLANSSS! Like things that cool ppl do! Yea, I had some. But the universe had other things in store apparently. 

And today’s date is October 29th….Ive never had to worry about snow in October. 

This is utter bullshit. 

Mother Nature wins the trolling award for 2011. Congrats.

(Source: silentdeee)

// I would have much rather classes be canceled tomorrow.//

You know why?

Because I have 57 pgs to read by tomorrow and I wont have the book until Monday.

And since the snow will most likely delay the arrival of said book, Im going to end up behind on more assignments. 


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