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// As a Scorpio female, you keep your guard up. Always.//


As a #Scorpio female you always keep your guard up…

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// I really hate the idea that black hair isn’t professional//


If that aint one of the worst pieces of propagated racism I don’t know what the fuck is.

You mean to tell me that my hair, as it grows out of my head isn’t good enough? Fuck is that? You mean I have to chemically alter a part of my body to be ‘professional’?

Fuck is that?

It’s that ol’ bullshit. That’s what.

#Iwishaniggawould step to me talmbout I didn’t get the job because I don’t look professional enough, or I’m not upholding the ‘company image’.


What does it mean to tell me that my natural hair isn’t professional? It means me in my natural state of being, isn’t ‘professional’, and that is an attack on my person.

All I know is, I don’t see not one white girl chemically destroying her hair to look more ‘professional’. So if her hair is fine just the way it grows, why isn’t mine?

It’s just such an insidious mindset.

Because then you’ve got black people talking shit to other black people about it which I sometimes think is more hurtful because you’re expecting to be supported at least by your own kind, but nah it just turns into a fucking mess.

That whole thing really bugs me. I just want to take some fucking company to court over that shit.

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Brinea on Flickr.
http://brineabee.tumblr.com/  taken&edited by me.


Brinea on Flickr.


taken&edited by me.

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