// I’m still really aggravated. //

Its wild how people don’t think like I do. You all are idiots.

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// Hi. //

My name is Dziko and I am currently doing anything but writing a paper that I could have finished about 2 hours ago.

My favorite hobbies are:

  • Sleeping
  • ….
  • …..
  • ……


Im currently feeling like Im sleepy high right now…? Cant say that its a good thing or a bad thing. Just thought Id let you know since you clearly needed to know that bit of information. Clearly.

So Ummmmm, this was nice touching base with you fine people. Feel free to distract me even more by flooding my ask box, or keep doing what you always do and ignore me. Thats cool too. =)

Good night!

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// Yo, fuck snow.//

Always and forever.

I didnt intend to come home for the weekend….to actually stay in the house.

I actually had plans! PLANSSS! Like things that cool ppl do! Yea, I had some. But the universe had other things in store apparently. 

And today’s date is October 29th….Ive never had to worry about snow in October. 

This is utter bullshit. 

Mother Nature wins the trolling award for 2011. Congrats.

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Today sucked. Any effort to cheer me up would be much obliged. 

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// WTF Wednesday//

So, I was just in the elevator going up to my room after visiting a friend real quick, and this couple hops on the elevator w/me. So Im just minding my own business and the couple starts being disgustingly clingy and start kissing in the elevator. Im just like UGHHHH, whatever. I really cant stand public displays of affection in general but what made it worse was that after said couple stopped kissing, they proceeded to comment on how each others breath stinks. 


"hey, your breath smells like garlic…"

"yours smells like pickles…"

Really my nigga, REALLY?

And to top it all off, this is like the 2nd time this has happened to me this week.

I think the universe is trying to tell me to take the steps. -_______-

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Sooooo, True Blood just shat on my emotions w/this episode. I dont even know what to do w/myself at the moment.

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// I have never been so emotional after an episode of True Blood like I am now.//

Jessica NOOOOOOOO!!!

Why girl, WHYYYY?

Im so distraught right now.

Shits getting too real.

I,…I cant even right now.


k i don’t care if i’m being “too sensitive”

stop fucking yelling at me, putting me on the spot, barking at me, and getting

a fucking attitude.

i didn’t do shit to you this morning

i really don’t understand your damage

like really, stop.

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// I just witnessed people doing a line of cocaine for the first time.//

…or some sort of powered drug substance.

Either way, I aint never seent nobody sniff nothin, until tonight. O__O

Lmao maybe its not a big deal to other people because half the people on tumblr are crack heads anyways, but it was just weird to me how it happened.

Im sure those ppl who were doing it or selling it where in fraternities b/c its no suprise that they do it. They all look like crack heads to me. But the way it just happened kind of suprised me.

We were getting ready to leave this party, and we sat in a living room or den and watched the TV that was on in that room, and then then a few people just came in there and I just continuing to mind my business. Then some dude pulls out a plastic bag, filled with some white shit, and when I glance back at the table, I see 2 lines of said white shit, on the table, and dude just rolled up a hundred dollar bill and proceeded to sniff le white stuff.  O__O Like….it just happened so casually. Thats what really kind of got me.

When I was watching this, I presumed that my face looked like it wasnt no big thing, but then when me and my friends unanimously decide that it is time to go, my face went from this:

to this:

like, I just witnessed that. 

What the actual fuck?

Did yall see that?

So yea. Its fully confirmed that there are crack heads among us. And not a single fuck is being given. I aint emmm mad though. *shrug*

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My face should explain how I feel I did on the exam I just took.
And my attitude about studying for my next one in the afternoon.

My face should explain how I feel I did on the exam I just took.

And my attitude about studying for my next one in the afternoon.


He got a lot of nerve in my opinion. But thats just me. 

// Currently in my refrigerator://

  • Two beers
  • Water
  • A four loko
  • and one apple

I cant keep living like this. 

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